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Disaster Airlift Response Teams (DART) don't exist without caring people willing to put time into making a better future for many of their friends and neighbors.  This has two components.  The ground support team that helps do all the logistics, loading, managing, organizing etc. of the ground elements in support of the pilots so that the pilots can actually fly.  You don't have to be particularly athletic as there are a huge variety of roles to fill to make this successful.  The other half of the equation is the pilots who without this we would just be a bunch of folks on a tarmac without much to do if we don't have planes to move things.  It's a team effort all the way and together we can pave a much better future for thousands.


So with that said please lend a hand and join the effort for only through volunteers can we make it through our darkest hour.



1) Determine if you already live in a county with an active DART and if so reach out to them directly or through your EOC.  

2) If you live in such a county they can guide you in the next steps they would like to see done, but working closely with them is key and becoming a registered emergency work is also an important step in many cases.  They can help with this also.

3) If you are a pilot in Washington State feel free to reach out to EVAC to get involved by going to the contact section on this web page. If a pilot in California reach out to the California DART's, web site location in the resources section.


Alternative if you live in a non-DART county;


1) If not a pilot but interested please reach out to NW EVAC and we can get you in the loop and give you guidance on ways to proceed and let you know about drills.

2) If a pilot look at step 3 in the above.

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