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Since 2009, volunteer pilots in the Northwest, along with emergency services resources, have been organizing to utilize general aviation when the expected Cascadia Subduction Zone great earthquake occurs, along with a likely great tsunami.  In addition, the area has a number of active volcanoes which could also cause widespread destruction.

EVAC's Northwest Region Emergency Services Director, Sky Terry,  realized that with all the waterways in the Northwest seaplanes could be of great utility, being able to get into stricken communities where roads may have washed out or been covered by landslides.  With this addition of water based aviation to the land based aviation / general aviation response effort, the West Coast is developing a very robust response resource.

  Sky, along with others, have developed relationships bringing together statewide aviation and emergency service agencies, several pilot organizations, and local authorities to work in mutual support of this effort in Washington State and also to spread the program to other states.

Sky Terry

NW Regional Emergency Services Director

Emergency Volunteer Air Corps (EVAC)


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